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deep cleaning
Its amazing how quick the silverware drawer gets dirty.

Deep Cleaning

We focus on the hard to reach places. The areas that normally never see the sun. It makes a huge differnce in your home to clean litterally everything. It never looks dirty until you dump the bucket. Cleaning uncovers what we have forgotten. Deep Cleaning and Organizing are two things that everyone needs. Our team is there for you. [More]

Ask and we can probably help you out.

Home Concierge

Our team is here to assist our clients with whatever home chores they may need assistance with.

  • Grocery shopping
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture
  • Setting out the outdoor furniture
  • gardening
  • Sweeping the porch off
  • Bring in the mail
  • Taking out the trash and rolling the garbage can to the road
santizing ad disinfecting cleaning
Hand Washing and Covering your mouth to cough or sneeze

Sanitizing Disinfecting Cleaning

We give the house a regular clean and also wipe down the high traffic areas with sanitizing solution. This would include kitchens, bathrooms, dining/living rooms, bedrooms and whatever else needs attention! Disinfecting can prevent a lot of future healthcare problems. I have added below a link that explains how to disinfect toys. Toys are allows a huge breeding ground for germs. [More]

Unique Requests

Our Services are not limited to home and business cleaning. We treat our clients like family, which is why we sometimes get unique requests! Our ladies have supervised client’s homes while they are away, washed cars, raked and cut-back gardens and changed smoke detector batteries. Our team pride ourselves in work and other unique services we can provide for those who are in need. The unique request sets our business in its own category. We have a gift that everyone loves, compassion and we aim to take on any request to be able to make someones day. This is a great part about the business that I wasn’t expecting to be so popular and I am very grateful our team has these fantastic qualities. Its comforting know that someone leans on you in a time where they really need the support and some extra hands.

Garden work



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