Home Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning Service

Places we travel to…

Traverse City Surrounding areas, Kingsley, Interlochen, Lake Ann, Glen Arbor, Suttons Bay, Eastport, Elk Rapids and parts or Kalkaska area.  

Types of Places we can clean…  

 Condos, Time shares, all types of Residential homes, Vacation rentals, Log homes, Cabins

 Normally 2-4 Cleaning Angles in a home at a time. We are fast and efficient and it takes between 1-2hrs  per home for a regular clean that we have been cleaning.

 Charge by the Job, some jobs or projects can be charge hourly and the minimum is 3hrs.


We use products that work best and safe everyone time.  I have reached out to severally flooring and countertop businesses as well as other home businesses to make sure we are using the best products for the job.

The shark vacuum is one of our Top favorite cleaning tools.  It is great for animal hair and awesome for kitty litter.  The filters (Hepa) are change often and the vacuum is cleaned regularly. Micro clothes are our weapons of choice for cleaning, no scratch, lint free, water absorbent and are brightly colored.   

We do not use any dusting spray (however we can use oils during deep cleans to help clean and protect the wood). We use a damp micro cloth and a hand swifter to get in all those tight and difficult spots. We dust picture frames and lamps, as well.

List of some of the products… We will use natural products, per requested.

  • Spray Comment
  • Mr. Clean Lemon scent
  • Spray Bleach
  • Mr. Wink Rust Remover
  • Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
  • Murpy’s Oil
  • Bona Products
  • Bars keepers
  • Glass and Stainless steel products
  • Granite polish      

How often for cleaning… 

Once a week, every Two weeks, Once a Month or maybe whenever you feel like having it done!

It is different for everyone.  There are a lot of factors that play; like do you have children (what ages), dogs (hair type matters) do you live in the woods (in an apartment with pavement), your heating ducts clean, does any cleaning get done on a daily basis?  Are people home a lot (how many people live in the house), do you take your shoes off?  How clean do you like your home and what is your definition of clean?  We are here to help with all of that, just some things to think about when hiring a cleaning business. 

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