Disinfecting and Deep Cleaning Service

Disinfecting and Deep Cleaning Service

– Extra Items we clean during the spring time (March, April), normally

Deep Cleaning


Cleaning Carpets and the Heat Ducts if it has never have been done or it’s been a while. (If any construction work has happened, that is the perfect timing).  This helps everyone in the long run with keeping your home clean and better for your lungs.  It will cut back on how much the dust collects in between cleanings. I can schedule and have Stanley Steamer come as we do our deep cleaning. Ask for more information.

After deep cleaning is all done everything will be organized and put back in place with labels all facing out. Garage Cleans are highly recommended if it attached to the house. It keeps down on tracking in more dirt throughout the home. Deep cleaning and organzing go hand and hand.

  • Laundry (extra linens and personal clothing)
  • Cleaning under big area rugs (vacuuming and mopping)
  • Under and inside cushions of  all furniture
  • Cleaning behind/inside washer and dryer ( run a cleaning cycle on washer)
  • Clean Window ledges
  • Blinds depending on the type
  • Windows depending on the height
  • Oil or old English items
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Chandeliers
  • Storage room and organizing
  • Cleaning taxidermy
  • Garages (April or May)
  • Trim/baseboards/doors in living room/hallways and entryways
  • Basement Areas (Depending what you have in yours)

Kitchen Area:

  • Dishwasher gets a clean cycle as well.
  • Outside / Inside of kitchen cabinets (you can choice if you want certain items in cabinets washed…example wine glass that are displayed)
  • Soak Facets so they spray and work better
  • Inside of Refrigerator (normal takes about an 1hr to pull it apart and put it all back together)
  • Inside of Oven (3hrs give or take) this also includes the stove top.
  • Wash or Dust walls
  • Wipe down trim
  • Light fixtures
  • Base boards
  • Mop floors on hands and knees (clean grout lines in need be)


  • Clean Vents
  • Wash or Dust walls /Trim/Doors
  • Lighting
  • Some toilets need deep clean
  • Decalcify tubs, facets and/or clean the Iron (brown or rust color in showers)
  • Inside/Outside bathroom cabinets
  • Clean tub with Jets 
  • Scrub bathroom floor (grout lines)


  • Clean bedding and vacuum mattress
  • Clean behind/under dressers/beds/ or anything we can move; without damaging anything
  • Closets
  • Trim/ Doors
  • Wash or dust walls

Disinfecting and Deep Cleaning Service

Disinfecting the Home surfaces:

Wiping down all outlet covers, light switches, door knobs, all cabinet knobs, stove knobs, fridge handles, ice maker panel and the spout., dinning room tables and chairs. This is just a few things that get wiped down with a bleach solution on a damp cloth. This site list a few more items that should be disinfected and also gives some good advice.


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