One-time Cleaning Service

Our team can help you and your family or business clean on a regular schedule or just one-time. We perform all standard or deep cleaning services depending on what is needed and requested.

Some of the reasons you could use some home may be obvious (got behind or unexpected house guests are common reasons). Here are some ways our crew at Love What I do Cleaning can help that you may or may not have thought of.

Keep us in mind if you need temporary one-time cleaning help around the house for any reason.

  • In preparation for events like graduations or anniversaries when people might visit but your house is the last thing on your mind.
  • After an event! If the festivities got out of hand or went on for longer than expected clean up after can be daunting – we have the tools and know-how to breeze right thought what others might consider challenging
  • In preparation for painting or before and or after remodeling
  • After sickness or the passing of a loved one sometimes the personal effects and the environment just need a little cleaning and organization – we are here for you in your time of loss
  • After or to prevent colds or disease – cleanliness is the best medicine
  • One-time help with outside projects, while you are ill or just need a hand; pulling weeds, cutting back bushes, garage, car, van, or bus cleaning
  • If it needs cleaning, we love to do it!

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