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   After owning this company for going on five years, I can safely say that the name fits all of us. We all love to clean and do it with a smile.  This business has given many ladies the opportunity to make money away from the home and still be there for their families. Kyle (my other half) and I enjoy all that Northern Michigan has to offer. We love to camp, go kayaking, swimming and hiking are some of the things we do with my 12yr old son, Cameron.  Our golden retriever name is Jasper and he enjoys the water and continuous attention.  Jasper is the mascot for the business.  He is fantastic at putting smiles on peoples faces. This company is a blessing and I am so glad that we can make so many individuals happy, by cleaning. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read throughout my website and to all of the amazing clients that keep us busy.

Danielle Hopkins

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We are always on the go and don’t like to sit down. However, we do enjoy our food. We want to give a helping hand whenever possible. It’s our way of saying thanks to the surrounding areas for their support of our business. Our team is dedicated to giving back to the community through events such as the Traverse City Cherry Festival, Mohawks for Munson and Bras for a Cause.


We all love to be active and enjoy the outdoors and all that Northern Michigan has to offer. We have used this shared interest to form a bond found nowhere else in the industry. We work hard as a group to keep your home clean in the most efficient way possible.

Our Team

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Our Naturalist

Kelly is a grandma to many as well as a great grandma. Kelly and her husband have raised 6 children together.


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Home Specialist

Danielle enjoys spending time with her son, Cameron and golden retriever, Jasper.